I did not sleep at all. I do not know if it is the side effect of my Zoloft that I have started taking again? I feel so fucking weird. I laid in bed for 5 hours and sleep was futile. I thought, “fuxk it, I will get up and get ready for the day” and now I feel tired enough to go to sleep but I cannot sleep cuz I have counseling and I cannot go to sleep when I get home, until night so I can get up on
Wwednedjeuwiwhdnsnsjshehjejdndjdjdndjdd godsdddddddd!!!! Fuck!!!!! Somebody kill me please.

we used to go all the way in the moonlight then you would hold me
now i am one of the girls on lonely street, so lonely
just another ghost in the romance dream of Dante
and I promise you boy, you will always be haunted